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    Plantalyzer Analytics software

    After the last Plantalyzer Vision software release, the collected data from an entire growing season were re-analyzed with the latest Vision software. This software makes it possible to accurately record the position of trusses. This output, together with cluster counts and color assessments, was picked up by to translate this into practically applicable insights.

    Given the large amount of data, the first step was to display this in clearly arranged charts and tables. This gives the user at a glance, in the dashboard, an overview of the numbers of trusses in different color segments per row-column. On average, the Plantalyzer travels 2 kilometers per night, giving the user a precise and accurate daily picture of the current quantities in the greenhouse.

    The latest addition in the application is the tracking of trusses over time. The Plantalyzer Vision software identifies tomatoes and clusters and gives them unique ID numbers. Based on this new data, has developed a software application that tracks tomatoes over consecutive days. This provides a very accurate picture of the through-coloring at specific spots in the greenhouse. This new information, which until now was impossible to gain insight into, gives growers the necessary insight to adjust their strategy in time based on highly accurate data.

    Analyzing coloring is the basis of a good harvest forecast; tracking tomatoes over time provides even greater accuracy and therefore the most accurate crop estimation. The latest development is currently being integrated and the harvest forecast application is therefore expected to be ready for use soon.

    For more information please contact Andreas Hofland, General Manager of HortiKey.

    Would you like to know more? Pose your question below.

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