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You will find us in the Heart of the Westland region

Burgemeester Crezeelaan 42A

2678KZ De Lier

The Netherlands

Phone: +31 (0)174517700

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    The most accurate crop estimation for tomatoes!

    Your assistant

    Using a pipe rail system

    Clear picture

    Constant crop estimation

    “The Plantalyzer will disrupt the whole supply chain of fresh grown tomatoes all over the world! We see just the tip of the iceberg.”

    Andreas Hofland, General Manager HortiKey

    “Royal Brinkman offers horticulture entrepreneurs worldwide knowledge, expertise and innovative solutions. I am proud that with the Plantalyzer, we can now offer tomato growers the best solution in crop forecasting and thus enhance their business results.”

    Ton van Mil, CEO Royal Brinkman

    Ton van Mil

    “As General Manager of the Berg Hortimotive Group, I am very proud of the most accurate harvest estimation that can be realised with the Plantalyzer, our data-driven solution from the HortiKey organisation. I would like to challenge growers with data-driven solutions, such as the Plantalyzer, the first of many products that we will implement together with pride.”

    Bas Brinkman, General Manager Berg Hortimotive

    “The amount of data generated by the Plantalyzer gives an excellent overview of what happens in the entire greenhouse. The Plantalyzer makes it possible to convert the stock and maturity of tomatoes into data. This unique data from the greenhouse is the basis for a new and reliable crop estimation, also with peaks and troughs in production”

    Peter Hendriks, Managing Director


    “Artificial intelligence will play a crucial role in autonomous and robust cultivation. Historical experience and data are of great importance. The Plantalyzer is an important step in this.”

    Erik Pekkeriet, Programme Manager Agro Food Robotics WUR

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    Your assistant

    The Plantalyzer® is a unique combination of autonomous robot, vision which counts and classifies tomatoes on the plant, and intelligent forecasting software. The result is reliable information for the most accurate crop estimation. You optimise the process between supply and demand, thereby reducing your food waste in the chain and you will achieve an even better customer satisfaction.


    Using a pipe rail system

    The Plantalyzer® is fitted with the Greenhouse Positioning System allowing you to use the BergDrive to move the robot fully autonomously through the greenhouse. The system automatically drives onto the pipe rail from the concrete path, and moves itself from path to path. So there is no need to install any new facilities. Measurements can also run at night, and therefore do not need to disrupt other activities.

    Vision provides a clear picture

    2nd generation Plantalyzer Vision software for high performance
    The Plantalyzer takes photos of the lower part of the plant and a deep-learning algorithm identifies and counts the tomatoes in the photos. The new truss counting algorithm then identifies and counts the number of trusses. It also determines and categorises the colour per fruit. This not only gives you daily insight into numbers, but also into colour stages. Using depth information, the robot counts and assesses only the fruits in the path it drives. Thanks to the robot, you get this insight over a large area of your greenhouse. This is the basis for a good harvest prognosis.

    Constant crop estimation

    The Plantalyzer® has a constant prediction level, and therefore has no human deviations. By linking the plant data to the algorithms integrated by LetsGrow, you will get accurate control information of the harvest. So as a grower, you know exactly when and how many tomatoes you can harvest to meet your marketing agreements.

    Maintain control

    We believe that when growers worldwide are in control of their cultivation, they can achieve a maximum crop yield in a clean and sustainable cultivation. Both during cultivation and with the harvest, you want to be sure of enough of the desired quality for sale. Our Plantalyzer® gives you more grip on this.

    The Plantalyzer® offers you the following benefits:

    • Grip on sales prices; the coordination with retail is more precise in relation to current stocks
    • Grip on labour; on the planning of production personnel but also on logistic operations and supplies
    • Grip on sales volumes; through a better understanding of your volume, you can send the offer and honour your agreements.

    The Plantalyzer® ensures that you have more control over the supply chain. This brings your Lean production to a higher level and you will realize higher customer satisfaction.

    The next level in controlled growing


    Burgermeester Crezeelaan 42A
    2678KZ De Lier
    The Netherlands
    T +31 (0)174517700
    KvK: 64926850

    Plantalyzer®  is a registered trademark of HortiKey International B.V.

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