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    Results of the ‘Tuinbouw Ondernemersprijs 2022’ theme Prize

    On 21 April the winner of the ‘Tuinbouw Ondernemersprijs 2022’, theme Robotics and Data-Driven Horticulture, was announced at the Floriade in Almere. Tuinbouw Ondernemersprijs is uniquely placed to put the pearls of innovative horticulture in the spotlight. Four nominees, including the Royal Brinkman Group, put forward great innovations to help the horticultural sector move forward. And that makes us all winners. We would like to congratulate Gearbox who has been declared winner of this theme prize.

    Nevertheless, we are incredibly proud! The Plantalyzer® was seen by the jury as one of the pioneering innovations in horticulture. We feel very honoured and we are of course very happy! It is a wonderful recognition that we are on the right track with the digitisation strategy of Royal Brinkman Group and its implementation. Thank you!

    Synergetic collaboration with development partners and end users
    Royal Brinkman Group has been rooted in the global horticultural sector for over 135 years. The family business works successfully with partners on innovations in horticulture in the ‘Let’s Improve Together’ programme. For instance, Royal Brinkman developed the Plantalyzer® in close cooperation with Wageningen UR, and Berg Hortimotive/HortiKey. End users are also closely involved in this. Further development takes place in the same way.

    Plantalyzer®: Optimal harvest prognosis for sustainable tomato cultivation
    The Plantalyzer® is the first fully autonomous system that collects plant data on a large scale and processes them into relevant information for the tomato grower. It is the key to sustainable future horticulture in which different knowledge domains come together in the next phase of data-driven horticulture. The Plantalyzer® not only uses end-user specific data, among others from the climate computer, it also creates new end-user data of the plants in the greenhouse, in unprecedented large numbers, with the latest artificial intelligence in both the vision software and the forecasting software. The Plantalyzer® delivers the information in a ready-to-use automated total solution to the grower for control, planning, (crop) insight and sales. We believe that by doing so, horticultural entrepreneurs are able to contribute optimally to the global availability of food and increasing the well-being of people. This makes the Plantalyzer® of unique value to the grower, the fresh produce chain and society.

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