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You will find us in the Heart of the Westland region

Burgemeester Crezeelaan 42A

2678KZ De Lier

The Netherlands

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    Story 2: The powerful combination of our specialised partners

    The Plantalyzer, the grower’s instrument for the most accurate crop estimation
    In seven stories, we will tell you about the partners involved, the unique system, the very latest technology, the various components and how they work. With the Plantalyzer you will manage to get the most accurate crop estimation and solve the daily puzzle.

    Story 2: The powerful combination of our specialised partners

    Behind the development of the Plantalyzer is a team of the best specialists, originating from renowned companies in international horticulture. Each person’s expertise can be found as a component in the Plantalyzer. HortiKey’s Plantalyzer was developed in close cooperation with Berg Hortimotive, Wageningen UR (WUR), and Royal Brinkman. Thanks to the bundled expertise, the Plantalyzer offers the grower a reliable total concept.

    We would like to introduce you to Berg Hortimotive Group, the parent company of HortiKey. Based on more than 50 years of experience in horticulture worldwide, the Berg Hortimotive Group has developed a range of products that can be used to carry out and optimise the entire logistics process in the greenhouse.
    Did you know, for example, that Berg Hortimotive invented the pipe rail trolley? The new generation of internal logistics from Berg Hortimotive works with the ‘BergDrive’ software package. With ‘BergDrive’, the grower is in control of his vehicles and the data retrieved from them.
    Berg Hortimotive is the manufacturer of the Plantalyzer.

    Another partner is Wageningen University & Research (WUR). With its mission ‘To explore the potential of nature to improve the quality of life’, it helps apply their high-quality knowledge of applied scientific research all over the world. WUR developed the intelligent Vision system for HortiKey. It has translated the latest knowledge in greenhouse image detection for high-wire crops into advanced software. The high-end system analyses the images in real-time in order to be able to process the large amounts of data.

    Partner is market leader in the field of data-driven cultivation. Data that growers collect is of great value and has an actual and practical use when planning daily and long-term cultivation strategies. Together with the Data Analytics team, a specific AI prognosis model has been developed with which real-time, current and crucial plant data can be processed into the most accurate harvest prognosis. The data from the Plantalyzer is conveniently displayed in the MyLetsGrow platform. Exciting fact: the lead data scientist of was a member of the ‘AuTomatoes’ team in 2020 that won the Autonomous greenhouse challenge this year.

    Finally, we would like to introduce Royal Brinkman to you. Royal Brinkman is a supplier, advisor and installer for professional horticulture worldwide. Founded in the Netherlands in 1885, Royal Brinkman exports to more than a hundred countries. Royal Brinkman is active locally in 12 countries from where specialists and account teams reliably deliver a wide range of products and services to local growers. Royal Brinkman is continuously expanding its network with valuable partners in order to secure its promise to support growers worldwide to improve their yields. In the cooperation with Royal Brinkman, the expertise and service of the Plantalyzer are guaranteed worldwide.

    In short, the very best specialists are involved with the Plantalyzer.

    The Plantalyzer collects large-scale planting data every day. In numbers that until recently were inconceivable. To achieve this, a state-of-the-art Vision system has been realised, which collects and analyses the large data streams with photos fully automatically. In story three we will tell you what new information is available for the grower.

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