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You will find us in the Heart of the Westland region

Burgemeester Crezeelaan 42A

2678KZ De Lier

The Netherlands

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    Story 3: Detailed insights during production

    The Plantalyzer, the grower’s instrument for the most accurate crop estimation
    In seven stories, we will tell you about the partners involved, the unique system, the very latest technology, the various components and how they work. With the Plantalyzer you will manage to get the most accurate crop estimation and solve the daily puzzle.

    Story 3: Detailed insights during production

    Until recently, production rates were only captured after the harvest. Tomatoes were counted manually before production, but this only concerned a very limited proportion of all plants. To get an idea, less than 1 per mille of plant data is registered when counting manually, and that once or twice a week. Manual counting by several people also goes at the expense of the accuracy of the data, because what one person counts, the other does not. This makes it more difficult for the greenhouse management to make accurate crop estimation regarding the labour to be deployed and volumes to the retailers.

    The Plantalyzer collects large-scale plant data every day. In numbers that until recently were unimaginable. ‘How is that possible?’, you probably wonder. By developing a state-of-the-art vision system with which large data streams with photos can be acquired and analysed fully automatically. Each week, this provides information from more than a million photos. This information provides the grower with a wealth of new insights. For instance, every day it is known at colour scale level how many tomatoes are hanging on the plants. This information can also be aggregated from a chosen colour scale. This enables the cultivation to be monitored and labour to be planned more accurately.

    Thanks to the detailed greenhouse inventory, the speed of ripening can also be monitored. The numbers per colour stage are presented in the dashboard at row column level in a ‘heat map’. This gives an overview of the situation in the greenhouse and the changes per day; new information that until recently was not available. Information which also makes a valuable contribution to the evaluation of crop strategies.

    And last but not least: the prognoses. Thanks to the combination of this large-scale daily plant data and AI modelling, the most accurate crop estimations are delivered time and time again. You can guarantee that you will deliver the right quality, in the right volume, in the right packaging, at the right time and in the right place. That is the guarantee you want to give your customers.

    With the Plantalyzer, Berg Hortimotive introduces the very latest technology for greenhouse logistics from its ‘Smart Greenhouse Logistics’ programme.
    In story four, we take you through the ‘BergDrive’ technology, a platform with unprecedented possibilities.

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