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    Story 5: Does the Plantalyzer beat human intelligence?

    The Plantalyzer, the grower’s instrument for the most accurate crop estimation.
    In seven stories, we will tell you about the partners involved, the unique system, the very latest technology, the various components and how they work. With the Plantalyzer you will manage to get the most accurate crop estimation and solve the daily puzzle. In this fifth story we explain what is involved.

    Story 5: Does the Plantalyzer beat human intelligence?

    In the first story, we asked ourselves whether the Plantalyzer is able to eliminate deltas between prediction and realization of production. In other words: does technology beat human intelligence?  First results in big tomatoes on the vine show this. Precisely at the critical moments with peaks in both peak and off-peak production, the Plantalyzer performs optimally and delivers uniquely relevant added value to provide early insight. Quite logical when you consider that the Plantalyzer retrieves information from the greenhouse every day and translates it into a weekly forecast. Changes are therefore quickly noticed and each time a new calculation is made what this means for the expected production.

    The Plantalyzer is an unique system with a fully automated process, consisting of intelligent logistics, data acquisition, image analysis and assessment, data transfer, modelling and dashboarding. An extremely useful tool for sales. Thanks to the affiliated renowned companies Berg Hortimotive,, Wageningen UR and Royal Brinkman, the Plantalyzer is developing into the system for the most accurate crop estimation in tomato cultivation.

    Well, where does it end? We see plenty of development opportunities to increase the performance and usability of the Plantalyzer, for example by adjusting it for other types of tomatoes. We also see opportunities to add functions. Quality assessment, for instance, will be expanded in the near future. A fully compatible function which can be added afterwards via an update.

    The development of the Plantalyzer is not an isolated case, but is part of the Royal Brinkman Group strategy in digitalization. We will elaborate on this in the sixth story.

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