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You will find us in the Heart of the Westland region

Burgemeester Crezeelaan 42A

2678KZ De Lier

The Netherlands

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    Story 7: Unveiling the digital revolution!

    Cultivation is top sport, with new challenges every day. For example, will there be enough production to meet market demand? How do I create the optimal growing conditions and how do I make sure they stay optimal? How do I optimise between kilos and quality?

    The Plantalyzer has been developed for these challenges. A unique tool for the most accurate crop estimations. The Plantalyzer is the first fully autonomous system that collects plant data on a large scale and processes them into relevant information for the grower.

    We are convinced that the Plantalyzer not only provides the most accurate harvest prognosis, but also gives essential feedback to the grower through large-scale retrieval of plant data. Thanks to the state-of-the-art vision system, with which photos are acquired and analysed fully automatically, this provides information from more than a million photos every week. This information provides the grower with a wealth of new insights. For example, the number of tomatoes hanging from the plants is known every day at colour scale level. This information can also be aggregated from a chosen colour scale. This enables the cultivation to be monitored and labour to be planned more accurately.

    Renowned parties from the industry are working together on the digital revolution: the field lab data driven cultivation in TomatoWorld! HortiKey is proud to be a partner in this largest initiative in data-driven growing. Intelligent sensors, data and control technologies will be linked and integrated so that, in the near future, growers will be able to leave more and more operational processes to AI software and automation.

    Cultivation is a top sport and top athletes want to work better and with the best tools. Getting even more out of the plant, the best balance between kilos and quality. The best timing to deliver exactly what the customer wants. We are convinced that, with our partners in data-driven growing, we are able to facilitate the top grower in this in the best possible way. Not so much to beat human intelligence, but to enable the grower to perform even better.

    Let’s improve together
    It fits perfectly with the digitisation strategy of the Royal Brinkman Group, of which HortiKey is a subsidiary. The Royal Brinkman Group is able to digitally connect components within the chain, from data collection to the control of robots. By connecting the right parties under the motto ‘Let’s improve together’, the Royal Brinkman Group plays a leading role in stimulating, accelerating, broadening and anchoring tech innovations in the horticultural sector. For instance, work is being done to link the digital services, which until now have been various modules within the Royal Brinkman Group. Various knowledge domains will then be digitally linked together for new services and cultivation knowledge. These links offer the grower the next step in automation and efficiency, so that more can be done with less labour, and above all, precision in the management and control of the crop.

    In short, with the joint concept of data-driven cultivation, we provide simplicity in the daily control of greenhouse cultivation. Based on objective data, the maximum potential of the plant is utilised. The result is consistently high cultivation results, predictable production and minimisation of input and waste. It supports the JIT strategy and at the same time increases the profitability of the company.

    It gives the top grower strategic input for making the best decisions. It enables the grower to manage a larger area and even multiple locations. Curious? You are welcome to experience the digital revolution in the fieldlab TomatoWorld.

    Would you like to know more? Pose your question below.

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