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    World Food Festival, Rotterdam

    Berg Hortimotive has been contributing to the optimization of global food production for more than 50 years. This is a complicated process and consists of various steps. From composing and growing seeds, to taking care of the crop and then finally to harvesting and packaging the products.

    Last weekend we participated at the World Food Festival in a special greenhouse right next to the central marketplace (Markthal) in Rotterdam.

    Several municipalities in the Rotterdam region such as Westland, Hoekse Waard and Lansingerland worked together to highlight the region’s ambitions and products.

    We included an impression and some other pictures as well as NRC Rotterdam’s article about the production of food and collaborations in the region.


    In close cooperation with the Association for Horticulture in the Netherlands, a greenhouse was realized in the heart of Rotterdam.
    In addition, several well-known companies offered guided tours and activities in their production facilities.

    The aim of this initiative was to give an impression on how food is produced and how technologies are continuously improving these processes.

    Our top-model, the TÜV approved Benomic S350 was displayed here, as well as HortiKey’s intelligent yield prediction solution in the greenhouse; the Plantalyzer.

    More information about the products can be found on Berg’s and HortiKey’s corporate websites.

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